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Power Generation

Zircotec is a relatively recent spin-out from the UK Nuclear Industry, operating as part of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, Oxfordshire. We provide a range of specialist plasma-sprayed high-temperature coatings and heat shields for application within the power generation industry. The plasma coating technology was itself an early spin-out from Harwell so we we’re perfectly placed to support the industry’s pressing technical challenges with our expanding portfolio of coating and heat shield technologies.

More than ever, the energy transition is presenting the power generation sector with a fresh set of problems, with electricity generation through renewable energies coming to the fore. That said, conventional thermal power plants also remain integral in avoiding supply shortfalls. As coating and heat shielding specialists, Zircotec supports you in the optimisation of your processes. With decades of experience in bespoke thermal management strategies, we can offer a service like no other.

The issues materials face within the Power Generation industry includes:

  • Thermal Degradation
  • Wear
  • Corrosion

The range of coatings offered by Zircotec can deliver thermal barrier, wear and corrosion resistance across a wide spectrum of heavy engineering applications, including power generation.