EV Solutions

EV Solutions

Our technologies continue to innovate in line with the worlds efforts to electrify vehicles to reach net-zero targets. Zircotec offer Automotive OEMs EV solutions including RFI Shielding, Dielectric Coatings and much more.

Zircotec EV Coating Solutions comprises of:

500 X 500 Specialist Coatings

RFI / EMC Shielding

RFI/EMC Shielding solutions are primarily for carbon composite manufactured for battery box enclosures. We have developed sealing solutions alongside manufacturers to achieve IP67 testing requirements, as well as UL97V0 test for flameproofing for carbon fibres.


Our Flameproofing coatings have been qualified to achieve 7 minutes of exposure to 1,200 degrees C as simulated in a thermal runaway/thermal propagation event. Flameproofing typical applications include enclosures and battery boxes.

Dielectric Coating Solutions

We have a variety of dielectric coating solutions, from polymer to plasma applied. With a variety of dielectric strengths in order to support most dielectric requirements & geometries. Typical applications are cooling plates, bracketry & cooling snakes.

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