Lightweight composite coatings provide a weight saving of up to 4kgs per m² compared to aluminium. We have developed coatings that can be applied onto carbon or plastic composites, enhancing the substrates characteristics from a thermal barrier and wear perspective.

Zircotec technologies allow Automotive OEMs & Motorsport the flexibility in choice of using lightweight materials in extreme environments. Zircotec has refined its plasma-spray coating technology to allow metal and ceramic coatings to be applied to carbon composite, glass-fibre and a range of plastic materials. Our composite coatings have been used widely in F1, NASCAR, WEC, DTM and other motorsport teams due to our ThermoHold® technology, which enables our coatings to allow high-strength, lightweight materials to be used in environments for which they would otherwise be unsuitable.

Our coatings will allow lightweight materials to be used in high-wear  and high temperature environments, whereby previously these materials would not be suitable. Within electric vehicles, our coatings are used on lightweight materials for battery enclosures to address RFI/EMC shielding. For body in white applications, our coatings can be used on components such as rear diffusers front splitters or areas of potential damage from wear or exiting exhaust plumes.

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