Zircotec Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Zircotec’s in-house plasma-spray technology and our associated procedures were first developed within the UK nuclear industry, when Zircotec formed part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. These thermal management processes and procedures have been further developed and refined by Zircotec, resulting in the proprietary, highly optimized plasma-spray process that we use today.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Used from Formula 1 through to OEM supply, our coatings are designed for maximum thermal barrier in minimum space envelope. Available in a variety of colours and texture finishes. Our Performance White coating offer a 33% surface temperature reduction at 0.3mm thickness. Our solutions comprise of Plasma Spray & Polymer Ceramics, suitable for both metallic and composite substrates. Coatings allow for flexibility in the choice of substrate material and aids in light-weighting projects. Our coatings can achieve A-Class finish standards for OEM Automotive applications, and have undergone testing to achieve OEM standard certification by world leading brands. Typical coating applications include:

  • Exhaust Systems
  • After-treatment Systems
  • Internal Engine Components such as Pistons, Crowns & Valves
  • Bodywork / Body-in-white
  • Any componentry surrounding heat sources

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Heat Shielding Solutions

Zircotec Heat Shielding Solutions assist with heat reduction, heat protection, reduced fire risks, heat/energy retention & cabin heat reduction. Zircotec Heat Shielding solutions have been developed to be best-in-market by performance vs weight / packaging space. Our technology has been adopted by Automotive OEMs as well as Formula 1 for high-performance applications, whereby quality and performance is of highest importance. Our skilled engineers work with our clients to develop prototype and scaled production solutions with full end-to-end project support. Typical capabilities include:

  • Primaries & Secondary exhaust insulation.
  • Integral & Offset Heat Shielding Solutions.
  • Exotic or light-weight Materials such as inconel/titanium.
  • Rapid prototyping aided by on-site tooling, design & manufacture.
Heat Shields

Heat Shield 1